Every car enthusiast who has already owned an exotic or luxury car realizes their dream by acquiring a magnificent car and then a few months later, wanting something else. We thought that there has to be an easy way to drive different types of cars without having to actually OWN THEM (register them, maintain them, repair them, detail them, insure them, etc.).


We are now excited to share our passion for beautiful (and fast!) cars with the clients and members of The Luxe Car Collective.


Coming from a client focused background, our team understands the importance of your trips, rest assured that you can always rely on quick communication, reliable deliveries, and most importantly really incredible cars with impeccable 5-star service. So WELCOME, find your favorite car and let's drive!

Our Mission:

TO GIVE YOU Time to experience the joy of driving incredible luxury and exotic cars without the hassle of having to own one.






First car owned:

Kimberlee:  1992 Ford Ranger (manual transmission)

Sean:  1982 Honda Civic with only 3 working cylinders

Dream Car:

Kimberlee:  2018 Ford Raptor

Sean:  Ferrari F40 - Red.  There is no more quintessential supercar than this.  It adorned my walls as a kid and even the decks of cards I owned for playing Go Fish.    



"I'm a truck girl at heart, but i've grown to love a hot sports car with a beautiful exhaust taking hard turns.  There's nothing quite like it!  My amazing  and incredibly handsome boyfriend introduced me to these cars when I first got to ride in his Lotus Evora S.  Really life changing.  I am now lucky enough to work alongside these stunning rare cars every day! Just remember, if you are willing to allow your passion to become your purpose, then hopefully it will one day become your profession."



"For as long as I can remember, I have loved fast sexy cars.  When I would get a poster of a girl posing in front of a Countach, I would be mad because she was covering up too much of the car.  Except when she was on the hood in a bikini, that was a good one...  I grew up poor and never thought I would have the chance to drive these cars.  I remember the wonder I had sitting in a Porsche the first time when I was 11.  I couldn't believe how lucky I was!  When I graduated school, I did everything I could to get one and I finally did.  Since then, it's been a string of fun fast cars that the police really like to write me notes about.  By notes I mean tickets.  Was worth it every time!  Now I get to drive and be part of a community of like minded car folks.  Really no other place I would rather be."  



We treat each and everyone of our clients like VIP. Our experienced team is always available for any of your needs. We WILL make sure you get the ultimate experience when using our cars.

Lets DRIVE! 



 We just want to thank all the wonderful people we have already met that share our passion for driving. It has been a pleasure sharing our cars with you.


The collective provides residents and visitors in San Diego with convenient access to a collection of the world’s greatest luxury cars.



5% of our annual net proceeds are donated to: San Diego Epilepsy Foundation