Every car enthusiast who has already owned an exotic or luxury car realizes their dream by acquiring a magnificent car and then a few months later, wanting something else. We thought that there has to be an easy way to drive different types of cars without having to actually OWN THEM (register them, maintain them, repair them, detail them, insure them, etc.).


We are now excited to share our passion for beautiful (and fast!) cars with the clients and members of The Luxe Car Collective.


Coming from a client focused background, our team understands the importance of your trips, rest assured that you can always rely on quick communication, reliable deliveries, and most importantly really incredible cars with impeccable 5-star service. So WELCOME, find your favorite car and let's drive!

Our Mission:

TO GIVE YOU Time to experience the joy of driving incredible luxury and exotic cars without the hassle of having to own one.



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The two of us have been friends since 2003.

We met through our shared passion of sportbikes and both owned GSXR's back when they were cool. Since we lived in the same complex we used our entrepreneurial skills to convince 4 more of our friends to all store their motorcycles in the same garage so we could split up the $50 monthly rent... Guess you could say it was a motorcycle collective, of sorts?


Chrissy McDannell

First car owned:

1994 Honda Civic Lx (manual transmission)

Next car on the list to personally own:

White Audi R8 (V10)

Dream Car:

Too many to list but lets go with a ’67 Shelby G.T. 500 “Eleanor” RESTOMOD (I just LOVE a classic but still want all of the modern features like disk breaks, power stearing, digital dash, Bluetooth, etc.)


Jay Johnson

First car owned:

1970 AMC AMX

Next car on the list to personally own:

Porsche Panamera S

Dream Car:

Aston Martin One-77 


Christine (Chrissy)

"I've been a car enthusiast all of my life, starting at age 6 with my Red Power Wheels Jeep, power by a 12V battery that I would drive around the block all day long until the battery would die. Then a few years later got my dream present: A go-cart that I was obsessed with. It was not much time until I convinced my dad to switch out the 5hp motor for a 15hp.

While other teenagers were partying & drinking on Friday nights, I was {illegally} drag racing a ’67 Ford Mustang in my hometown (Lancaster, CA). Also spent some time at LACR (Los Angeles County Raceway). By age 21 I decided cars were not fast enough and purchased my first sportbike. I currently own a Yamaha R6 (pictured above) that I take to different racetracks (mostly Chuckwalla) and through the twisty canyons here in SD. I also just obtained my Amateur Motorcycling Racing License in September 2017.

In my spare time, I volunteer 1-3 times per year at the Russo and Steele car auction, driving some of the most beautiful (and rare) cars right onto the auction block. I am also an active member of the San Diego Audi Club and a co-leader of the San Diego Sportriders Group.”

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Chrissy is also the passionate founder of Kindred Quarters.

Kindred Quarters is shared housing for those who live life in common. Entrepreneurs that are committed to growing their businesses by sharing their living environment with like-minded individuals. All housemates are driven and successful entrepreneurs that are committed to growing their businesses to ultimately make the world a better place.



Instagram: @KindredQuarters

Jay Johnson

"As a kid I wanted to grow up to be a professional motor-cross racer.  Unfortunately, my parents wouldn’t allow me to have a motorcycle so I had to make up for it once I could drive.  After getting my license, I spent a good part of the next two years working to pay for speeding tickets and sitting in courtrooms.  After college I did a better job of not getting tickets but started the more expensive habit of switching cars every year.

Once I moved to San Diego I decided to enjoy the weather playing in the canyons on my GSXR1000.  That is when I met my friend and fellow car/motorcycle enthusiast Chrissy.  I went on to own a Yamaha YZ450F and while it was fun I quickly realized that I completely lacked the talent to race motor-cross professionally (maybe my parents knew that all along?).  So I went back to enjoying as many cars as possible."


Jay, Navy Veteran, spent 26 years as a Rescue Swimmer and Search and Rescue Aircrewman.

He is currently the founder of Landing Collective Real Estate Solutions

As a San Diego resident of over 17 years, Jay’s diverse background allows him to exceed client expectations in a variety of real estate specializations. His successful track record with clients located around the globe—including Bahrain, Guam, Japan, and the United States—ensures complete satisfaction in every aspect of the home buying and investment processes from start to finish. Jay’s hands-on approach, commitment to quality, and years of international travel have given him valuable insight into identifying and preventing stresses related to moving, especially long-distance relocation.


(858) 945-4389


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We treat each and everyone of our clients like VIP. Our experienced team is always available for any of your needs. We WILL make sure you get the ultimate experience when using our cars.

Lets DRIVE! 



 We just want to thank all the wonderful people we have already met that share our passion for driving. It has been a pleasure sharing our cars with you.


To the TURO team: You guys are simply amazing! Thanks for creating such an amazing & user-friendly platform.


The collective provides residents and visitors in San Diego with convenient access to a collection of the world’s greatest luxury cars.




5% of our annual net proceeds are donated to: Richard Branson's foundation, Virgin Unite