Chevrolet Corvette Stingray


I hope you’re ready because you are in for an absolute treat! 

6.2 Liters of pure American V8 putting out 450 Horsepower and 460 Lb-Ft. of torque!!  With a perfect 50/50 weight balance, five modes of suspension and throttle mapping, and a beautiful exhaust note, this car was made for excitement!  With the top down, you’ll be ready to cruise San Diego in style.   

MSRP: $52,000

450+ Horsepower 


  • Automatic transmission

  • GPS

  • Audio input

  • Convertible

  • Sunroof

  • Seat Memory

  • Heads Up Display

  • Key less Open and Start

  • Bluetooth

  • Heated seats

  • 17’ Touchscreen

  • Back Up Camera

REntal Rate

Daily Rental Rate starting at $139

Things to remember:

·       Convertible Top:  The top should only be operated open or closed while car is in Park.  Takes a good minute and a half, make sure that the cycle is totally completed.  The display will tell you when it’s totally up or totally down.  Remember, if you break it, you buy it. 

·       Brake Squeal: When brakes are cold (morning, after being parked for a long time, after they’ve been ohh so alone, etc.) they will squeal for a bit until they get warmed up.  It is loud.  Once you’ve made a couple stops, the brakes are warmed up enough and will stop making noise.

·  LOOONG HOOD: Hood is longer than you think.  Give yourself more room that you think you need when parking or you will hit a curb. 

·   Drive Modes:  There are 5 drive modes, they can be changed by the dial to the right of the driver’s seat.  The display will tell you which you are in. 

Eco Mode: Fuel economy is maximized.  Good for cruising on the freeway

o  Weather Mode:  Keeps traction in inclement weather.  Always use this in the rain.

o  Tour Mode:  Default setting for everyday driving and road trips.  Increases comfort and shock absorption.

o  Sport Mode:  Magnetic Ride Damping is stiffened and exhaust note gets meaner. 

Track Mode:  Exclusively for track driving.  Since you’re not allowed on a track (we’ll know), stay off this mode.    

·   Traction Control:  Absolutely, under no conditions is this allowed.  I’ve seen what happens, it doesn’t turn out well for anyone. 

Have Fun:That’s why you’re renting this instead of a Prius.Have a blast, just be safe.

Distance Included

Day - 100 mi

Week - 750 mi

Month - 3000 mi

delivery details

Car Location - San Diego, CA 92104

Delivery to San Diego International Airport - $35
Delivery up to 50 miles from 92104 - $50