Audi S6



Ahh, the Audi S6…  What more could you ask for in an automobile.  A Beastly 420 HP Twin Turbo V8 with 406 lb./ft of torque wrapped in a beautiful exterior that’s only surpassed by Audi’s amazing interior.  You’ll be wrapped in miles of leather, heated AND cooled seats, and an interior design that makes Audi the best in the business. 


Exterior:  Executive Navarra Blue Metallic Color, 20” Rims, Z-Rated tires, Dual exhaust, built in spoiler.  Looking at this car, you see that something is different, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Interior:  No cows were spared in the making of this car.  The leather is clean and luxurious.  The seats hold you tight for the corners but are supple for your comfort.  All the modern accouterments: satellite radio, Bluetooth, USB ports, Sunroof, GPS, internet, heated and cooled seats, etc.…  The only thing that sounds better than the Bose sound system is cruising with the windows open and listening to the that 4.0 Liter V8 purr. Although if you prefer, you can have the windows down and the Bose active noise cancellation (exclusive to the S6) will ensure that no wind noise interferes with those sweet tunes. 

Performance:  Has a 7-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifting option.  Three different driving modes (comfort, dynamic, custom) set the driving setup for plush luxury, or for fast luxury.  The air suspension and throttle mapping adjust accordingly. 

Treat this baby nice because it will treat you better.  You’ll get lots of looks cruising around in this baby, but you won’t care because you’ll be in your own pampered world of happiness. 

MSRP: $73,050

345 Horsepower 

TORQUE: 369 MPG (City/Highway): 17 & 25

TRANSMISSION: 8 Speed Automatic w/ Sport Mode


  • Automatic transmission

  • GPS

  • Audio input

  • Bluetooth

  • USB input

  • Sunroof

  • Sirius Radio

  • All-wheel drive

  • Bluetooth

  • Heated and cooled seats

Rental rate

Daily Rental Rate starting at $115

Discounts available for weekly/monthly rental periods. 

You are about to embark on a journey of luxury mixed with muscle with a few dashes of technology for good measure.  There’s a reason that Tony Stark drives Audis.  They are suave, sleek, comfortable, fast, and hyper capable on the road.  With 420 hp and 406 ft-lbs. of torque, this baby will plaster you into the luxurious arms of its leather wrapped seats.  You’ll want to be in no other place.    

Things to remember:

·       Driving Modes:  There are a few, Comfort and Dynamic modes are the only two you’ll need.  These modes tune the exclusive air suspension for comfort (Comfort mode duhh), or for a sportier stiff ride (Dynamic).  Set it to the ride you would like.

·       Seats: If heated and cooled seats weren’t good enough for you, how about a nice massage.  Press the middle button for additional happiness!

·       GPS:  Please use this instead of your phone, it’s better and safer.  Audi does a great job with these, and the map is neat!

·       Heads up Display:  How cool is that?!?!  Brightness can be turned down from the entertainment system screen.  In addition to making you feel extra cool, it will also show your turns when you are in navigating to a point 

·       Entertainment System:  You want it, we got it…  Sirius XM, CD’s, Radio, SD Card, Auxiliary, and can connect with your phone via Bluetooth.  All pumping out of a Bose System with Active noise cancellation for when you want to roll with the windows down and the sunroof open without messing with your tunes.

·       Safety:  360-degree views around the car when you’re in reverse (like a top down view of the car), blind spot warning, night vision, active lane assist, and ridiculously large brakes.  Even a Volvo fan would be proud. 

·       Have Fun:  That’s why you’re renting this instead of a Minivan.  Have a blast, just be safe. 

Distance Included

Day - 100 mi

Week - 750 mi

Month - 3000 mi

delivery details

Car Location - San Diego, CA 92104

Delivery to San Diego International Airport - $35
Delivery up to 50 miles from 92104 - $50

Bold, graceful and elegant, the Audi S6 offers something very different in a world of grey, business-like conformity.